Made in NY



A Small Trip

See the Forest for the Trees

City Beach - I Said BEACH!

Hidden Garden

High Low



Escape From NY


Williamsburg Bridge, NYC

Freedom Towering Above

Secret Window


Full Color Freedom

Never Forget.

Trailer Hitch

The Big Picture

Partially Obstructed View

View from a local and rapidly disintegrating pier - step with care!

Drive Towards The Light

A view of the Queensboro Bridge from Queens, NYC

Rear Window

Brooklyn Bridge peeks through an archway on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Sloppy Composition

The sun sets across from Astoria Park in Queens, NYC. Too much going on, I know, but it makes me smile.

Worth the [Sun]Burn

Throgs Neck Bridge seen from Fort Totten, Queens, New York

Hell Gate Eve

NYC's Hell Gate Bridge, built in 1917 & originally named the New York Connecting Railroad Bridge, connects Wards Island and Queens. The bridge provides a direct rail link between New England and New York City. In 1936 it was spanned by the Triborough Bridge, allowing vehicular traffic to pass between Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. The name "Hell Gate" is a corruption of the Dutch phrase Hellegat, which could mean either "hell's hole" or "bright gate/passage", which was originally applied to the entirety of the East River. The strait was described in the journals of Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, who is the first European known to have navigated the strait, during his 1614 voyage aboard the Onrust.

Nice Ride

NY Waterway Ferry on the Hudson.


Manhattan Bridge in NYC as seen from the Brooklyn waterfront.

Whatever You Do [Don't Look Down]

A view of the pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge, from above.

Vision 100

1875, That's Vintage!

Did you see something?

Throgg's Neck Bridge, Queens NY

Cable Tied

Spirited Sunrise

Today, the Probationary firefighters of the FDNY participated in their 26th Spirit Run. Begun after 9/11, each probie carries an American flag throughout their 5 mile run from the academy, over the East River, alongside the FDR Drive and back. United, they run tall and never forget.

The Gloaming of Happy Hour

[Picture] Perfect Day?

Throgs Neck Bridge seen from Fort Totten, Queens, New York

February 28, 2014, 11:06pm

Throgs Neck Bridge, NYC

Look Both Ways [Before You Take the Shot]

Crossing on Foot

Brooklyn Bridge

NYP Veranda

The Queensboro Bridge as seen from just above the FDR in NYC.

Beach in the City